Villa Saint-Marc-Jaumegarde


An ultra-modern style, brown woods,
raw materials and sober colors for this prestigious villa.

As you enter this interior, you sense the meticulous attention paid to the choice of materials and the layout of the spaces. The use of wood, selected for its warmth, creates a dialogue between nature and sophistication. The suspension lamp from Morocco, a majestic, central element, was chosen for its ability to anchor the space while diffusing ambient light that finely underlines the minimalist design of the furniture.

The deliberate choice of furniture with clean lines, such as the emblematic leather armchair and coffee tables, reveals a quest for balance between functionality and aesthetics.

The kitchen is elegantly concealed behind sleek wood panels that blend into the overall architecture of this modern home.
The large bay windows open onto the outside spaces, creating a limitless perspective. Rough concrete walls add an organic texture and assert their presence.
The master bathroom boldly opens outwards, establishing a constant dialogue with nature.

The island bathtub, the centerpiece, invites immersion in contemplative luxury, framed by brown and bronze tones that bring subtle warmth and neutral serenity. This space is a celebration of harmony, where interior design and exterior landscape merge into a unique sensory experience.