Villa Saint-Martin


A sober style
that highlights the beauty of raw materials

In this recent project, minimalism meets prestige through a design that praises raw materiality and sophistication. At the heart of the villa, the living room and its interplay of textures and materials reveal a thoughtful approach where every element is designed to enrich the living experience. The agency’s commitment to spaces that reflect calm and grandeur is evident, offering interiors that are not only places to live, but sensory experiences. Large, sleek sofas invite contemplation of spectacular landscapes.

The bedroom is a sanctuary of calm. We married concrete walls that stand like totems of modernity with wood and a carefully chosen palette of textiles to temper the whole. The result is an ambience that’s both welcoming and restful.

The bathroom is an architectural revelation where transparency and natural light frame the bathtub, positioned to embrace the breathtaking view offering a seamless fusion of luxurious interior and natural Caribbean wonders. The agency has succeeded in marrying functionality and aesthetics, placing nature at the heart of this luxury villa.