Bastide Eguilles


Ethnic style, variations of green enhanced by black and white

At VALÉRIE LAJEANNE, we have the privilege of designing spaces in prestigious living areas that embody the delicate balance between functionality and aesthetics. In the living room, we opted for a neutral palette, enhanced by the judicious use of black and graphic motifs. The furniture elements, selected for their clean lines and black lacquered wood finish, offer a striking contrast to the geometric rug, bringing a strong visual dimension to the space.
The fusion of modern and vintage pieces is brought to life with this old workbench and the presence of ethnic objets d’art. This mix and match gives the space a unique touch of character.

As for the kitchen, we opted for a bold blue tempered by natural wood and pure white. The simplicity of the shape is offset by the richness of the materials, and the whole is enhanced by the natural luminosity that bathes the room, emphasizing freshness and an invitation to well-being.
The bedroom is presented in a symphony of soft colors and powdery pinks. The large metal skylight frames the exterior landscape, while the mix of textures and materials such as wood, metal and ceramics underscores delicate craftsmanship.
For the children’s bedroom, a cloud-shaped pendant adds a touch of poetry. The soft color palette, punctuated by powder pink and shades of white, brings a sense of calm. Our choice of rattan for the mirror adds an organic note that contrasts harmoniously with the modernity of the other elements.

These spaces are not simply places to live; they reflect an art of living, where every detail is designed to enrich the daily experience of our discerning customers.

Our vision is simple: excellence lies in the harmony of materials and the precision of layout, for a result that always exceeds expectations.